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EcoStretch Films


Our newest innovation is the coreless pre-stretched manual stretch film, branded EcoStretch.EcoStretch

Thanks to the recently developed production technology several characteristics of the EcoStretch film are much better, significantly more economical than the ones of the traditional manual stretch films.

EcoStretchThe EcoStretch film is practical to use with the help of the so called plastic core. To assemble it is very fast and simple and it also reduces the winding time and eliminates the hand wounds.

Compared to the traditional manual stretch film the packing time of certain goods using EcoStretch can be reduced up to 30%. What is more, achieving the same stability you will need 50 % less film.EcoStretch

Thanks to its production technology the EcoStretch film is more resistant to damages. It is less easily torn even if there are inaccuracies during the goods’ loading.

It is unique as there is no loss deriving from the mistake of the final user, no film damages, no losses.


Type Size (width /
thickness / length)
prestretch film manual 430/7/600 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/7/600 with core
prestretch film manual 430/7/300 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/7/300 with core
prestretch film manual 430/8/600 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/8/600 with core
prestretch film manual 430/8/300 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/8/300 with core
prestretch film manual 430/9/600 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/9/600 with core
prestretch film manual 430/9/300 coreless
prestretch film manual 430/9/300 with core
prestretch film machine 430/7/4200 with core
prestretch film machine 430/8/3600 with core
prestretch film machine 430/9/3200 with core

EcoStretch Machine Film

We produce our EcoStretch film in machine version. This version is offered to those users who wrap with machine stretch film without pre-stretching.

On the wrapping machine the change of the rolls reduces by third, because in case of the 1400-1800 m/ roll traditional films, the EcoStretch machine film is 4200 m long/roll.

You can reach reliable pallet built-up, stable wrapping and serious cost saving.

EcoStretch 430/7/4200 pre-stretch, machine film

  • Width: 430mm
  • Thickness: 6,6-7my
  • Length: 420 running meter
  • Inner core: 76 mm
  • Weight of the core: 1,5 kg
  • Approx. gross weight if the roll: 13,1 kg