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Extrafol Polyolefin Film

Fields of use: making small cargo units, fasten and protect products, particularly in case of those products that will get to shelves of department stores.

Pre-blowing of extrafol

Our company has launched a new group of product from 2001, using the brand name, Extrafol that is biaxially oriented, heat-shrinkable, and designed primarily to pack value-added goods. As a result of the high-tech process, the films are characterized by a totally balanced shrinking in both direction, excellent optical properties and glass-clear transparency.

Owing to its unique mechanical properties it is possible to wrap goods with very different forms both individually and collectively using only one single packaging material.


The perfect transparency of films underlines the positive features of the goods packed, helping the costumer with purchase. The three layers of EXTRAFOL film provide oxygen barrier as compared to the traditional single layer films.

Its easy processing by machine (it is suitable for both semi-automatic, and automatic shrinking machines) and good coverage will make their use more optimum.

Main field of use: confectionery industry, baking industry, household chemicals.

We suggest to use it with wrapping those products, where it is important to get water-clear, decorative package, and that the wrapped product can be seen well.

Nowadays PVC shrink film is much more wide-spread, there are a lot of places where people use it, although Extrafol is absolutely suitable to substitute PVC. The reason for that is that it is more environmentally friendly and you can get more economical packaging.

We produce not only shrink film but also pouch from Extrafol.

Production of Extrafol

The excellent quality of Extrafol films is guaranteed not only by QC System ISO 9001:2000, but also by high tech technology and highly experienced staff. It is produced in the form of flat film and slit tube. It can be printed on demand.


Double-Bubble coextruder

Double-Bubble coextruder






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Eco stretch

Eco stretch Our newest innovation is the coreless pre-stretched manual stretch film, branded EcoStretch.
- 20-40% less packaging costs;
- Coreless;
- 50% less waste;
- 20% less working time;
- Enviroment- and user friendly.

Extrafol Polyolefin

Eco stretch New option compared to the particularly polluting PVC.
- Clear and bright film;
- High shrinking ability;
- Excellent modulus of elasticity;
- Punch resistance (dart impact resistance.