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PE Shrink Film

Field of use: from small cargo units to pallets in size, for products that should be wrapped in a heat tunnel or by a hot air blow tube.


  • Flat film: width 150-200 mm, thickness: 20-200 micron
  • Slit tube: width 200-2200 mm, thickness: 20-200 micron
  • Centre folded: width 300-2200 mm, thickness: 20-250 micron

From 2006 besides producing shrink films, we have been manufacturing EcoTherm shrink film in bigger and bigger amount.

It has a lot of advantages, for example: specific savings, great tensile strength, water clear, gloss finish.

We invented it particularly to use with modern, heavy-duty wrapping machines.

Taking in account our buyers’ individual needs, we produce shrink films with customized recipe. These can be antistatic, anti-slipped, UV-resistance and perforated.


EcoTherm film manufacturer co extruder

EcoTherm film manufacturer co extruder

producing shrink tube

producing shrink tube






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Eco stretch

Eco stretch Our newest innovation is the coreless pre-stretched manual stretch film, branded EcoStretch.
- 20-40% less packaging costs;
- Coreless;
- 50% less waste;
- 20% less working time;
- Enviroment- and user friendly.

Extrafol Polyolefin

Eco stretch New option compared to the particularly polluting PVC.
- Clear and bright film;
- High shrinking ability;
- Excellent modulus of elasticity;
- Punch resistance (dart impact resistance.