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Agristretch Film

Agristretch film – so called bale-wrapping film – is a 3-layer blown polyethylene film. The film sticks on one side that guarantees the hermetic close of the bale. For one year after the usage, the film is UV stable. The advantages of the Agristretch film are high tensile strength and punch resistance.

Sizes:Agristretch film

- white and light-green

- 500 mm and 750 mm wide


Fields of usage – for example making silage. In contrast to the rigid silo storage its advantages are:

- needs smaller spaceAgrisztreccs fólia

- easier to move

- no loss


Further fields of usage:

- wrapping chopped scrap.






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Eco stretch

Eco stretch Our newest innovation is the coreless pre-stretched manual stretch film, branded EcoStretch.
- 20-40% less packaging costs;
- Coreless;
- 50% less waste;
- 20% less working time;
- Enviroment- and user friendly.

Extrafol Polyolefin

Eco stretch New option compared to the particularly polluting PVC.
- Clear and bright film;
- High shrinking ability;
- Excellent modulus of elasticity;
- Punch resistance (dart impact resistance.